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bottom round steak recipe

Sure it is OK John! I changed nothing. But this is just a guide to help you estimate cook time. It is the best way to cook round steak. Sear time of 15 min for a 2lb roast is high (15 min at 450) and smaller roasts are often thin vs fat. I am looking forward to trying some additional 730saagestreet recipes. However, if using the low and slow method, it is going to take time for the heat to transfer through the 15 lb roast and reach the center. I had a 2 1/4 pound grass fed bottom round roast in my freezer. Literally from the bottom of the cow. Brown the steak in the hot oil. What do you think? This is one of my favorite "tried and true" recipies from my Mom. ). Grill the large pieces, browning on all sides until nearly charred. It was still light pink in middle. If cooked low and slow yes this is a good approximate. Then add the cooking oil. This is more like braising and often referred to as pot-roasting. Served with a side of steamed carrots for a great, healthy meal. Again, it won’t be as tender as steaks or other cuts of beef, but it won’t be tough either. Mrs. This is hands down THE MOST delicious and tender recipe for pork loin I’ve ever used. This simply means that I pour in about one-quarter cup of water and use a heavy metal spatula to scrape the surface of the pan so that it stops sticking. If I was doing this personally, I’d give the roast a good sear and roast in 4 hour increments between 150-170 degrees F and monitor internal temp. When the leaves start to fall and the temperatures drop it's time for something hearty. Check your roast with a meat thermometer (!!). This looks delicious. In yesterday’s review I stated that after only 1 1/2 hours of cooking the roast had already reached 130 degrees. Creating easy recipes with everyday ingredients since 2008. We have gas, electric, and convection ovens, and each of these will have a varied outcome. Most gas ranges at dial 2 are around 150 °C which is 300 °F, far to hot for long and slow. This didn’t work out for me. – sear either in cast iron or oven (cast iron works better while oven is easier, dry roast/dry pan) The perfect family dinner recipe! Came across your recipe and thought it looked easy enough. Gas, electric, and convection ovens all vary. Published on April 20, 2020 - Last Updated on October 31, 2020 - 58 Comments. When cooking roasts, we want that gloriously browned exterior, the crust, but still juicy inside. thanks. If you are looking to slice it like roast beef, you must cook your roast in the oven. Wow, yes, definitely! Serving a small army of hungry people. I had a 3.24 pounder. Oh my goodness! The instructions below tell you how to cook a bottom round roast medium rare. Called smothered steak in England, swiss steak begins with a thick toufh cut of beef, usually This helps provide moisture and flavor, which are so important for these more affordable cuts of meat. Is it OK to add liquids to the bottom of the pan such as a small amount of water to help cook the vegies? My family isn’t big on pot roasts done in the crockpot and instant pot, plus I wanted firmer beef for sandwiches. We will be eating this again and again! I’m hoping you were able to cook this around 170 °F for the recommended time. Every time I read a comment like, “I followed this recipe exactly”, my heart skips a beat. You can also brine the roast in the fridge overnight. When preparing a roast recipe for the first time, you must make adjustments for your oven and for the weight of your roast. If your roast is on the smaller side, you should reduce the length of time on high heat from 20 minutes to 10 minutes. I will definitely repeat this meal. Covered = Braising = No dark crust, considered a pot roast and common with veggies. I think I will try it one day soon! My guests raved about how tender it was. Sprinkle half of the dry onion soup mix in the bottom of a slow cooker. I hate to give this kind of information because it seems like every oven is different. Sometimes I let the meat cook on one side until there are brown marks, and other times I cook it until it is just browned. Required fields are marked *, Healthy recipes, Cooking tips, and stellar freebies (!!). Dredge each piece in flour mixture, pressing to coat with as much flour as possible Brush the entire surface of the bottom round roast with oil. Trying out this recipe tonight! Very Good 4.3/5 (30 ratings) Onion-Smothered Baked Round Steak. I then scrolled through some of these reviews and read that another person had the same experience, but it took an additional 3 hours for his roast to reach the desired temperature of 135 degrees! Forgot the stars! Best for roasting or slow-cooking and slicing thin. You may also add sour cream, cheese and salsa. My roast cooked more quickly than expected, but checking with a thermometer saved the meal. Buy it on sale for under $2 a pound. It was so tender I have never been able to cook a bottom round roast this tender I will cook this again and share this recipe. The roast was 2.90 lbs, so I reduced the searing time to 15 minutes. Trim fat from the meat, cut into one and a half inch pieces, liberally pepper and salt the surface, allow to sit for about half an hour. 3-4 lb thin bottom roast would take less time than a fat roast (longer and thinner). A well described blog step by step. Thanks for the delicious recipe and tips. I was very skeptical about this recipe and the length of time suggested but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway. Homemade low carb and keto recipes that are quick and easy. Is it OK to cook this on a bed of aromatics ( Onions, celery)? And thanks for the comment and detail Liz, I appreciate it. He also recommends 2 – 2.5 hours per lb at 170. Round steak slow cooker recipe is so tender. Your email address will not be published. 129. Remove the fully thawed roast from the fridge and remove it from the packaging. Right before putting it into the oven for the 20 mins, at 450, I put some left over dry run and olive oil on the fat side. The meat does not necessarily become tender, it becomes easier to chew. This lean cut is best tenderized with a marinade before cooking. Superb! 2 pounds of steak (raw weight), cut into strips, Salad ingredients (lettuce, green onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, avocado, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, spinach, tomatoes, purple onion, or anything else veggie you love in a salad! Rather than following a recipe exactly, use it as a guide. About halfway through, you should reach about 125 degrees (2.5-3.0 hrs), and what you’ll soon realize is it takes considerably longer to reach your final desired temperature. Do you love healthy recipes? And outside of our beef roast, this recipe only uses a few key ingredients like garlic, thyme, and basil, which we all tend to have in our pantry. Rub the seasonings over the entire surface of the roast - top, bottom and all sides. If you are unsure about using this much meat at one time, you can always cut the steak in half and freeze in individual bags. That’s pretty much where the bottom round roast comes from. Just over 3 hrs. Required fields are marked *. While gas and electric have similar cooking times, convection times are often reduced by 25% or more. This roast looks amazing! Would the time frame and heating be similar or would it vary? Here are the four meals I like to make using this steak: Prepare and cook the steak in one of the methods described earlier. This rule is more of a guide to help you prepare sides and effectively plan your dinner. Cut into strips or small squares. Frankly anything under 3 lbs, I’d recommend 150 as I did once earlier. Transfer steak to a heated …

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