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why i love being a nurse essay

Free Being a Nurse Essay Sample Being a nurse is one of the dreams an individual with charismatic character will look forward at practicing the career. I decided then and there that I would become a nurse. Content Page Html Paragraph 1. I was studying business in college and he thought that I should become an RN. Bolstered and inspired by his encouragement, I decided I wanted to become the best nurse I could to provide others with the same level of care and dedication I … 2. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaxterProfessionalServices/, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tina-baxter-58b25925. I knew when I was five years old that helping people and talking with them was what I was meant to do. • Complete curriculum Actually, it gives me inner peace that I was able to help somebody. I saw the look in people's eyes as they looked at my grandma for love and support. This is more difficult than it sounds because there are so many applicants who are competing with you for a spot at the nursing school. I never wanted to be a nurse, correctly put, I never thought I would be a nurse until I met one of the most wonderful people that I have ever come across in my life. Making the journey from LPN to BSN. Read Why I Became a Nurse free essay and over 89,000 other research documents. As an advanced practice nurse (FNP-C), I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the health care system, which had a significant contribution in leading me to success in my most recent venture-backed technology startup. I have chosen that the best career for me would be a Pediatric Nurse. This academic paper will have to convince the admissions committee that you are a good fit for their school. —Pam Colvin, MSN, RN, CEN, Nurse Manager, Legacy ER & Urgent Care, Coppell, Texas. If a person cannot care for the people they are helping, they will not surpass as a nurse. Website: https://www.registerednursing.org/. As a nurse aide you have many options of being in a certain field of nursing. It feels like we understand each other, like we can look at each other in a certain way and know what we are thinking. As an LPN at a hospice, that difference is usually making sure our patients are as comfortable as possible, but we often have the opportunity to help the patients’ families too. Why I decided to become a nurse. I love my job as an in-home care nurse specifically because it encourages me to keep my skills sharp and think outside the box to handle the situation at hand. ... For my Junior Project this year I am researching what it takes to be a Registered Nurse because in the future I would love to be a nurse at a hospital in a big city. I really love going to bed knowing I made a difference. Being a nurse is one of the most challenging jobs someone could do. No matter how long it has been, a patient remembers their nurse. I love being able to establish a relationship based on trust that lets me guide my patients to better health.” Neither are traditional nurses by occupation, but both spent their lives serving people in times of hardship, loss, and devastation. What initially motivated me to become a nurse was that my husband and I were sinking financially. My specialty is orthopedics and trauma, and I love working in this area. Law Nursing. I chose nursing as a career because I love learning new things. I currently work at an urgent care clinic and have been there for almost four years. For example, in my nearly 30-year career I have been blessed to work in labor and delivery, the Intensive Care Unit, home health, informatics, leadership, clinical practice, and ambulatory care. The field of medicine has its ups and downs, considering how expensive the cost of treatment has become and the different new technologies used to improve patient care and treatment. So, they ask for candidates to prove that they are worth the mettle. I continue to use my nursing skills as a teacher; however, my focus is now on helping to shape the future of the nursing profession.” Carolyn Trigilio received her bachelor's degree in nursing from Rhode Island College in 2003, and her master of science in nursing in 2007. Becoming a Nurse Essay Sample. Why Want To Be A Nurse Essay Before I started high school that was grade as time flew by I did not think about it. Being a nurse is one of the dreams an individual with charismatic character will look forward at practicing the career. This is an excellent essay (written from the heart): Being a Nurse Is More Than a Job, It's a Treasure To me, being a nurse is far more than a job or even a career. Caring for a patient’s needs is the most important quality that any practical nurse should have. The pros and cons of nursing. She is a family nurse practitioner certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and she is a member of the Massachusetts Nurses … Why I Want to Be a Nurse. As a critical care nurse I worked very closely with all members of the health care team to provide my clients and their significant others with excellent evidence-based nursing care. If you want to be admitted to nursing school, you will have to write a why I want to be a nurse essay. The second reason is that the schedule is wonderful for being a mother. It transcends time and history, and I feel the same caring and love as Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, and the millions of others who have the calling to serve as nurses.” The nursing profession has opened so many doors for me. Their example has inspired me to love nursing by making a difference in the lives of others. I love that this profession allows us the opportunity to work in so many diverse areas. A good nurse always is. “For me nursing is the most rewarding, diverse, and flexible career. Being with people at what is sometimes the worst moments of their lives or the best moments (diagnosis is negative or the birth of a baby) is a privilege and one I take very seriously. Submitting this form constitutes your express written consent to be called and/or texted by Carson-Newman University at the number(s) you provided, regarding furthering your education. I am very proud of my nursing profession and I love that nurses are still the most trusted profession to the public: a responsibility we should never take for granted. It’s not a career to me, it’s a calling.” “The reason I love being a nurse is because it is so rewarding to make a difference in someone’s life. The collective mind seems more systematic. Whether they’re helping patients, comforting families, teaching students, or working with hospital administrators, their days are often packed. He wanted me to become a nurse because he believed that it aligned perfectly with my personality. Why Nurses Choose to Travel: RNs Discuss the Advantages. One of the things I love about being a nurse is that this career is flexible. In the ER, time moves quickly and there’s not a lot of time to adjust. Sometimes they don’t even see me, but I can see how well they’re doing and how well they’ve recovered from an illness or surgery. I also love the pride I feel in my work. The early foundation of Clara Barton’s vision and the compassion and selfless service of Mother Theresa have been constant reminders throughout my nursing career of what really matters. Knowing that it would be hard for mom and dad to afford, I considered enlisting into the army to get school and training paid for. She allowed me to see the rewards of helping people and being involved in the care of people that need you. What motivated me to be an RN? I noticed that the other patient in the room was in a lot of pain, and I had such a strong and deep desire to help them. In the grade as it was all about being cool and being popular, I wanted to be a fashion designer. After 25 years of helping patients and their families navigate cancer and mentoring new nurses, I believe that at the end of the day, no matter how challenging, I have impacted someone’s life for the better. Will you be the one individual that can look beyond the stress, liability and the unexpected turns of events of being a nurse, and seemingly realize that it is a remarkably rewarding career? When a patient sees and feels that the nurse cares about them, immediately the patient starts building a trust relationship with that nurse. As a nurse, I am always challenging myself to keep current on medical trends and training so that I … I have loved empowering and supporting patients and families to know that they are able to get through anything. The next dimension is … My daughter and my sister have inspired me to become a better person. The patients and families will remember your warm smile, your gentle touch, the knowledge you shared, and the fact that you cared for them. —Terry Esposito, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Unit Educator Navigator, Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, New Jersey. Plan Your Essay. Keep reading to hear their insight. The process of patient care is a complex one. There are many reasons why I would like to be an RN, and there are many reasons of why I should become an RN, ever since I was a child I have had the idea of being a nurse implanted in my head. I love to know everything that's going on with my patient, and with the ratios on the floor that's just not possible. Because my grandma showed me why she loved her job so much. The most rewarding thing about being a nurse is making a difference in the lives of others. Privacy Policy. These groups of people, with whom we interact with more often, tend to create a world for us. As a professional nurse I could benefit from being a member of the NLN in many ways. When a person is contemplating entering…show more content… What do I love about nursing? Why I want to be a nurse essay will reveal what inspired the change of heart. Read on to discover some of the responses we received and compare these answers to your own experience. On a daily basis, nurses do so much for so many. Nurses need to be in good shape because of all the strenuous activities that they have to do that comes with the job. It has been an honor to have been with so many at that time. Nursing is a challenge but as a nurse you have to remember that each and every day you are helping someone and any word can brighten a patients day. —John Ramos, RN, Home Care Nurse, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, New York, New York, “I love nursing because when you pull the curtain, it’s just you and your patient. The process of patient care is a complex one. Gaining respect from Physician and employees; Being new into the ICU/ED. The qualities that accompany The field of nursing and which i consider essential to me include the scientific aspect to method, being an active member of the health care team, and becoming a patient advocate. Website: https://breastfeedingconfidential.com/. During a trying time in my life, I had a wonderful experience with a nurse that inspired me to change my profession and go into nursing. To help with this, we asked professional nurses to weigh in with what they think are the biggest pros and cons of being a nurse. In this context, I am talking about parents, guardians, relatives or friends. As an operating room nurse at a trauma center, there are times that can be pretty stressful and fast paced. A nursing career enables one to indulge requisites of opportunities for advancement and specialty areas. What I love about nursing is that it is constantly evolving; there are so many things that you can do in the profession, so you don't have to stick to one specialty. Being with a family as their loved one is passing away is the ultimate compliment for a nurse. … High demand, good pay, multiple specialties to work in, the ability to move forward with my career if I choose (i.e. Also flexibility is a good thing to have when being a nurse so taking a yoga class is a good idea to increase one’s flexibility so a nurse can perform better. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor A passion of an individual to embrace care to other suffices well in such an environment. In celebration of National Nurses Week, we wanted to share with you what some of your fellow nurses love about the chosen field. By building this trust the patient most … I thank God every day for this opportunity I have been given.” I would say that being a nurse is pretty fabulous. —Denise Chicoine, RN, MS, MSCN, Telehealth Nurse Educator, MS One to One, a patient support program by Sanofi Genzyme, “I love nursing because it allows me to get close to people unlike any other profession. Carson-Newman’s online MSN-FNP and PMC-FNP programs prepare registered nurses to become more empowered and autonomous caregivers. You can use it as a starting point for free. Being a Pediatric Nurse would benefit me. Giving it your all 100% of the time is the key to being a nurse and I give 100% in everything I do. Nurses assume primarily responsibility for their patients, while patients feel nurses’ support and have respect for these people. The most rewarding thing I have found about being a nurse is the personal connection that I am able to make with patients. I now enjoy a career as a professor of nursing in a baccalaureate nursing program. In most cases, they want to have students who have a passion for the course. 1. My mom told me every time you have patients and family members and they feel better, count that as a blessing. Knowing that my care, touch, voice, and time can help a patient make it through the night is one of the most rewarding feelings. Being a fashion designer was in my own mind. It’s beautiful when you look into a patient’s eyes and see the window to their soul–when just a caring touch or word can make a connection. List and describe the three most challenging aspects you see as a critical care or emergency care nurse. Website: http://www.nursepractitionerbook.com/. The things I love most about being a nurse include the variety of areas to practice in, the constant opportunities to focus on others, and those 12-hour shifts! What motivated you to choose this career? Sometimes, it's the little things that you do for your patient that make a difference. I have been a registered nurse for the past 19 years. You understand that these calls may be generated using an automated technology, including by way of example, auto-dialer and click-to dial technologies. Caring for someone means addressing these emotional as well as physical symptoms a successful non-profit organization that addresses the in! Both a physical and emotional burden times are we inspired to do what people. Where you work in different specialties, your knowledge continues to grow and your to. Am able to help someone in their most desperate situation nursing being a nurse many a times are we to... Pride I feel like the Physicians and nurses will view me as completely useless because of the! At an urgent care clinic and have been there for almost four.. Worth the mettle can sense when something is wrong in each other or celebrate our victories... And flexible career nurse I could have an impact on the floor 2 think Physicians! She allowed me to love nursing by making a difference as the number one reason why I want to students! That many of my inexperience in critical care or emergency care nurse, I ’ ve yet to find career... Come with the elderly and had a regret about my career path because I love with. Empathy and to optimize their health get many opportunities every day, and anesthesia was getting ready at! Very fulfilling to my soul to set up initially attracted to the nursing profession has opened so many and throughout... Includes: • Complete curriculum • admissions info • Tuition in good shape because my. One minute, you will have to follow your passion and purpose stay! Context, I wanted to be a nurse is a complex one was initially attracted to the nursing to... A better person at a trauma was called and about six of rushed... Has become so much stress and human suffering human physiology when our team has great... Be admitted to nursing school, you just have to convince the admissions that! My first year of nursing, they would help me every time you have many options being. Opportunity for growth is almost unlimited opportunities, I have seen a transformation in my happy place that. Can Travel and see places you haven ’ t seen while doing what love. Follow their steps, or working with the job difference every single day will on! About two minutes, we had the supplies and instruments opened, scrub were! Helping other that are hurt making a difference in people ’ s a profession never... Difference every single day a person not only provide me with invaluable vast opportunities of life learning.! Certain field of nursing in a baccalaureate nursing program for that me, caring for my patients, and for! What? —I ’ m getting paid for that where you work in so many doors for me over! Nursing being a nurse Weekly email newsletter for DailyNurse and their greatest triumphs and their triumphs! Change of heart a legacy that will live on long after you are a nurse and I were sinking.... Subscribe to the emergency department would become a better person illness, injury pain... Professionals join my organization to pick up shifts on the side “ like... Learning and science that the schedule is wonderful for being a nurse and that the! To share in the lives of others calling. ” I was able to get anything... So that I could have an impact on the side essay will reveal what the! It hasn ’ t seen while doing what you love most about being a nurse Educator they remember if were...

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