Somi Arian

Tech Philosopher, Speaker, Author, Founder & Film Director

Somi Arian is a Tech Philosopher and a ‘Transition Architect’. As humans merge with technology, and society enters a new phase of evolution, Somi works on frameworks to address the challenges ahead.

Somi is an Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK. Somi’s documentary, “The Millennial Disruption”, has won three international awards, and her book, “Career Fear (and how to beat it)”, was released in August 2020.

As a speaker, Somi gives talks and workshops internationally on the impact of technology on society, the business landscape, and the future of work.

Somi is the founder of Smart Cookie Media, a modern-day Digital Marketing firm for thought-leaders and FemPeak a super-platform focused on raising women’s socioeconomic status through the application of technology. She holds periodical sessions through her Think Tank for Women for Women in Business & Technology which hosts industry leaders and innovators in order to find modern-day solutions to the challenges women face.  She is also the co-founder of Career Drive, an online platform that uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence, and an investor and advisory board member of NuroKor Bioelectronics, an exciting wearable technology startup.

With a background in philosophy of science and technology and over a decade of experience in film and TV, Somi applies an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of technology on consumer behaviour and the future of work.