What I learnt from my daily video content challenge for the past 6 weeks.

6 weeks ago on 1st of September 2017, I challenged myself to post daily videos of behind the scenes of how I’m growing a business for one year. After all, I’m a filmmaker – this should be easy, right?!

Well I was wrong. With a small team and an existing and growing client -base to look after on a daily basis, I have to say that I’ve found it very challenging.

Furthermore, clients don’t just come along! You have to keep the pipeline of sales active, at all times. For the past few months, I’ve been looking for a sales person but I’m yet to find the right person.

So my daily activities in growing a small business include, bringing in new business, writing treatments and proposals for clients, producing and directing content for existing clients, overseeing the postproduction by my small team and in some cases personally editing the more complicated projects and finally helping my crew in creating  our behind the scene content.

This is all on top of producing a feature-length original documentary about millennials and luxury brands.

Some days, we are so busy with functional work that there just isn’t enough time to make new videos. We sometimes sit at a computer all day long while Dasha and Nicolo edit and I work on the business and deal with clients. I think it’s very different if you are a social media influencer or if you are someone like Gary Vaynerchuk giving talks every day.

Right now, I’m at the “dirt” and hustle level. I’m not in the “clouds”! I simply don’t have the manpower.

That said we still managed to release about 20 short behind the scene videos in the past six weeks. And I intend to keep this up. Also, I think that I will still be able to release some form of content every day. It just has to be a combination of blog posts and videos.

I’m also working on more ideas for creating original content. I just have to balance it with bringing in enough business to finance it.

The most important factor for me is to ensure that I share content that gives our audience value, whether by sharing a useful piece of information and/or through entertainment.

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