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fresno county voter guide

A president has the power to make diplomatic, executive, and judicial appointments, and can sign into law or veto legislation. Elect Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States to get America back on track. Prop 22 would take those rights away. In contrast to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Cox voted for the passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Implementation Act, in favor of the conference report for the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, and for making emergency supplemental appropriations. In the primary, Democrat challenger Phil Arballo trailed Republican Incumbent Representative Devin Nunes by a margin of 31.1 percent. Similarly, as Attorney General, she declined to defend Proposition 8, a proposition to make same-sex marriage illegal in California, in court and officiated the first wedding in the state when marriage equality was restored in 2013. The aim of the Easy Voter Guide project is to make nonpartisan information about why vote, how to vote and what's on the ballot accessible to as many Californians as possible. However, the threat of Republican challenger and strong Trump supporter Fernando Banuelos’s potential policies greatly outweighs Arambula’s inaction on environmental regulations and protections for workers. Prop 14 is an extension of Prop 71, which created the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) in 2004. Proposition 14 asks voters to authorize a total of $5.5 billion in state general obligation bonds to continue the California stem cell agency that funds research, therapy, and grants to educational, nonprofit, and private entities for Alzheimer’s, Parkison’s, epilepsy, strokes, and other central nervous system and brain conditions and diseases. guide the expenditure of more than $1.7 billion in transportation funds generated through continuation of Fresno County’s half-cent transportation sales tax over the next 20 years, if approved by voters in the November 2006 election. To find your record, you will need to enter some personal information. This is not a standardized approach to validation; the tool must be proven to provide a higher level of responsiveness and sensitivity to community conditions before it is implemented. If Prop 22 is passed, all future labor legislation surrounding Uber and Lyft would have to be approved by 7/8 of the total California State Legislature. The new pretrial incarceration system is directly implemented by the probation departments of each county in California. Rep. Costa is endorsed by Peace Officers Research Association of California and Blue Dog Coalition. Links to Every County Elections Office in CALIFORNIA If Prop 25 does not pass, voters will be perceived as having rejected SB 10’s reforms, in particular the effort to end the cash bail system. California Voter's Choice Act - Fresno County. Presidents are limited to serving two four-year terms in office. The Voter’s Choice Act was enacted in the county to make voting more convenient. Keep reading for progressive recommendations in other key races and on ballot measures where your vote can make a critical difference. Hispanic Evangelicals Voting Their Values, The Lockdown Revolt: 4 Things You Should Know About Why It's Growing, Have Craig Huey Help Your Church or Organization Have a Dynamic Event. Fresno County Voter Guide. – This is scare tactic used by large commercial property owners to avoid paying their fair share. This is the Arabic symbol for Nazari. This district has long been held by Democrats. The President of the United States is the head of the Executive branch of the federal government, and the Commander-in-Chief for all branches of the armed forces. Vice President Biden’s campaign has raised $952 million (as of 10/14/20) and is not funded by fossil fuel money. Gallery. The next largest donor is John Arnold of Arnold Ventures and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. How to Vote using your county's voting system - from the Secretary of State. Contact: Brandi L. Orth, County Clerk/Registrar of Voters 2221 Kern Street California’s SB 10 goes further than New Jersey’s legislation by fully eliminating the cash bail system and has the potential to have even more positive outcomes. Instead, consumers will have to direct each individual website and app to do so. However, Vice President Biden has not apologized for his continued defense of collaborating with these segregationist colleagues, and maintains broad support in the Black community. Since leaving office in 2016, Vice President Biden has dedicated substantial resources to cancer research. The Lincoln Club of Fresno County does not issue endorsements in every campaign. In recent federal and state elections, this district has voted blue, with 55.2 percent of the vote going to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and 52.1 percent of the vote going to Gavin Newsom in 2018. Projecting voting as a privilege and not a right inherently undermines our democracy. In New Jersey, where similar legislation passed eliminating the use of cash bail in 2017, overall pretrial incarceration rates have dropped, racial disparities in pretrial incarceration rates have lessened, and the use of invasive monitoring strategies after release have been applied in far fewer eligible cases (8.3 percent) than feared. Based on the most recent report by Blue Sky Consulting Group, 10% of the biggest corporate property owners will pay 92% of the funding and more than 75% of total revenues will come from properties that have not been reassessed since prior to 1990 -- just 2% of all commercial and industrial properties! His political career began in 1970 when he was elected to the New Castle County Council. Additionally, Nunes was investigated in 2018 by the Federal Elections Commission for prohibited entries and for receiving campaign contributions that were in excess of the limits. According to campaign materials, Rep. Cox is running for re-election to continue pushing for community development, job creation, and local opportunities for his constituents. Ratings: Every candidate is considered after thorough research; we also have a questionnaire for candidates to complete. This data has to be collected, compiled, and reported annually to the Judicial Council, as well as made publicly available for review. Closing the corporate tax loophole will restore billions to underfunded public schools that serve low income and communities of color. Here we provide our assessment of these concerns and how they can be addressed in the future if Prop 25 passes. With consideration to their records in public service, we unequivocally recommend Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office. See Voter Registration in California. Member of the House of Representatives No Recommendation. He currently sits on two committees: Natural Resources (ranks 8th), and Agriculture (ranks 12th). In New Jersey, similar legislation passed eliminating the use of cash bail has reduced racial disparities in the jail population. Click here to choose your customized guide. Vice President Biden came of age during the 1960s Civil Rights movement, which he cites as his inspiration for majoring in political science at the University of Delaware before earning his law degree at Syracuse University. Based on Patterson’s track record and problematic endorsements, he is unlikely to provide progressive leadership in office. -- FALSE. This proposition would affect residential properties over 15 years old and exempts individuals who own up to two residential properties. Prop 23 would add sections to the California Health and Safety Code about how dialysis facilities can operate, requiring a physician to be on-site at every di. Rep. McClintock has accepted $31,559 from the oil and gas industries and $10,135 from gun rights groups. Clear, concise guidance for casting your vote in the 2020 General Election. Additionally, Prop 21 would allow rent in rent-controlled properties to increase up to 15 percent over a period of three years with the start of a new tenancy. It is time that California follows the other 42 states that have taken gender, race, ethnicity, and national origin into account for college admissions and hiring in government and public agencies. © 2010 — 2021 Lincoln Club of Fresno County | PO Box 28906, Fresno, CA 93729-8906 | FPPC# 1251995 | Advertise | AdminAdvertise | Admin We proudly stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. It is also unclear if the PSA will continue to be used in California counties under SB 10. Opponents say the CIRM should continue its work as a self-sustaining nonprofit organization or close down and allow federal grants and venture funding to push the industry forward. Prop 14 will add billions of dollars in debt through bond financing tied to the state's General Fund. Under the new system, when a prosecutor exercises their option to seek detention, a judge must hold a hearing and make the findings available on record before they order the person detained pretrial. Official Voter Information Guide, November 3, 2020, California General Election. Insurances like Medi-Cal pay less for dialysis treatments than private insurance, which is why corporations like DaVita and Fresenius are spending millions to oppose this proposition. LWV of the United States and the Leagues of California, Florida, and Texas filed an amicus brief in New York v.Trump, a case which challenges President Trump’s executive order to block undocumented individuals from being counted in the U.S. Census. The four unsuccessful candidates collected 9.4 percent of the total vote, which will put the choice between Kennedy and McClintock in November. For drivers who do qualify, Health Access California estimates that the health stipend would be just a couple hundred dollars—and could be just tens of dollars for younger workers—not enough for drivers to cover the purchase of their own health insurance. "Colleges and universities would be able to use racial quotas." This is not true of Prop 24. This is a clear improvement over the lax requirements that existed before SB 10. The bond interest has to be paid first, which makes the overall General Fund budget smaller for other services for years, even while the debt from Prop 71 still hasn't been paid back. "It will better safeguard consumers’ information." Under Prop 22, companies do not pay for health insurance, but instead provide a stipend to drivers. Probation departments are currently responsible for investigating offenders’ backgrounds, making sentencing recommendations to the court, enforcing court orders, and supervising sentenced offenders. If passed, Prop 16 will permit governments to consider those protected categories in order to promote inclusive hiring and admissions programs in California’s public universities, government, and public agencies. Rep. incumbent Devin Nunes has held this office since 2003. Opposition to Prop 23 is heavily financed by dialysis giants Davita and Fresenius, who maintain larger profit margins if Prop 23 fails. The federal government provides significantly more funding for stem cell research now  than it did 16 years ago, which makes the CIRM less necessary as a source of stem cell research funding. GOP Headquarters 770 E Shaw Ave, Suite 121 Fresno, CA 93710 559-225-2566 Welcome to our party “The Republican Party of Fresno County is the official Republican organization in Fresno County. As a candidate, she pushed forward a platform that opposed Medicare for All, supported expansion of the Affordable Care Act, sought to expand tax benefits for middle and low-income families, supported citizenship for Dreamers, and favored a ban on assault weapons. After working for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office for 8 years, Sen. Harris transitioned to a role as a prosecutor in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. In the primary, Democrat incumbent Representative Jim Costa led Republican challenger Kevin Cookingham by a margin of 2.3 percent, and the three Democratic candidates in the primary took a combined 64.8 percent of the overall vote. The University of California’s analysis of Prop 209 revealed that affirmative action had increased the population of underrepresented students by at least 12 percent, with the largest effects seen at UCLA and Berkeley. Prepare for Election Day by viewing your custom California voter’s guide. They can also keep that break if they move to a more expensive property. Republican incumbent Representative Jim Patterson is running unopposed. This stipend is valued at only 82% of the minimum coverage provided by state law, and is actually worth even less because workers would owe state and federal income taxes on the stipend. He also co-authored the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which significantly reduced the authority of municipalities to establish local rent-control policies. The Judicial Council will have to certify each county's tool, and the tool must be revalidated for the communities it serves every three years. Representatives are elected to the Assembly for a two-year term. In a ruling in August 2020, the state Supreme Court issued a binding resolution in the case of In re Humphrey that orders all trial judges in the state of California to consider a person’s ability to pay in setting the cash bail amount for pretrial release. It is important to note that this policy change does not appear to apply to for-profit entities funded by the CIRM. It's our right and our responsibility. Proposition 24 asks voters to amend the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) to include pay-for-privacy schemes, which provide better services and internet connection to those who pay more in order. This puts an impossible burden on consumers. Rep. Arambula currently sits on 11 committees and chairs the Select Committees on the Census and Regional Approaches to Addressing the State’s Water Needs. Prop 20 would expand the list of offenses that disqualify inmates from a parole program, consider an individual’s collective criminal history and not just their most recent offense, and impose stronger restrictions for a nonviolent offender’s parole program. Support for Prop 16 is largely financed by philanthropists M. Quinn Delaney and Patty Quillin, California Nurses Association Initiative PAC, California Works (a project of California Labor Federation AFL-CIO), and Elizabeth Cabraser. Prop 15: Schools and Local Communities Funding Act - YES, Prop 16: Repeal Proposition 209 Affirmative Action Amendment - YES, Proposition 17: Voting Rights Restoration for Persons on Parole - YES, Prop 18: Primary Voting for 17-Year-Olds Amendment - YES, Prop 20: Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection Initiative - NO, Prop 21: The Rental Affordability Act - YES, Proposition 22: App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Policies Initiative (AB5) - NO. With an astonishing and horrifying incarceration rate at 8 times the rate of white Californians, it is clear that the disenfranchisement of parolees is the disenfranchisement of Black voters. We encourage counties to 1) require probation departments to work in partnership with other agencies, including the public defender’s office, mental-health services, and other community-based programs, in both implementing the risk-assessment system and in the pretrial release and monitoring of released individuals; 2) use their power to hold probation departments accountable for how they implement pretrial incarceration programs in communities with a particular focus on ensuring non-invasive monitoring, minimizing conditions of release, and maintaining a low rearrest rate ; and 3) invest in alternatives to the overall incarceration system, such as Measure J on the ballot in Los Angeles County, which amends the county charter to require that at least 10 percent of the county’s local revenues go to community-based programs, such as affordable housing and rent assistance, job training, and mental-health and social services. Not in Fresno County? There are two notable countermeasures in place to address these concerns, and both are overseen by the Judicial Council, the policymaking body of the California court system. In 1991, Vice President Biden was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and presided over the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence Thomas, who had been credibly accused of sexual harassment by a former colleague, Anita Hill. According to campaign materials, she is running for Congress to put partisanship aside to fight the right solutions for a more progressive California. JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Paid for by the Republican Party of Tulare County. “Prop 25 creates additional biases against minorities and the poor.” FALSE. Prop 15 is a way to invest in our communities without having to raise taxes on small businesses, renters, and homeowners. Kennedy has won several awards for her work in the global mobility field, including 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year, 2016 Management Today’s 35 under 35, 2017 Workforce Game Changer, 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year, Worldwide Employee Relocation Council’s Meritorious Service Award, and the London Business School’s Distinguished Alumni Entrepreneur award. Paid for by Courage California State PAC, 777 S. Figueroa St., Ste. Prop 20 is a dangerous proposition put forth by Courage Score Hall of Shame Assemblymember Jim Cooper, and it is sponsored by Courage Score Hall of Shame Assemblymember Vince Fong. They also recommend and collect restitution, oversee community service, and provide oversight of criminal-diversion programs. 23rd 31st. Half of those other votes were won by the only other woman candidate, who is a registered Republican, which suggests that gender could be a deciding factor against party lines for voters in CA-04. As of October 12th, Democratic challenger Vice President Joe Biden is leading Republican incumbent President Donald Trump in the polls by an average national margin of 9.2% (as of 10/24/20). Our strongest endorsement. Ag Wire is FCFB's weekly electronic newsletter available to members, the media and the public. -- FALSE. This district has voted in support of Democratic state and national candidates in recent years, supporting Hillary Clinton with 58 percent of the vote in 2016, and Gavin Newsom with 56 percent of the vote in 2018. Democrats typically hold this district. Most of the accusations came to light as part of the #MeToo movement, and related to invasions of personal space that included the touching of shoulders, caressing of hair, and close whispering. This law was passed the year after SB 10 to provide an avenue to monitor the implementation of SB 10, and is an important step in making risk-assessment tools more accountable and the overall pretrial incarceration system more transparent. Steve Ballmer is the former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the L.A. Clippers team. Republicans have held this district since 1992, when John Doolittle flipped CA-04 from blue to red. Polling places and vote centers are established by county elections officials. The threat of Republican Nunes’ policies greatly outweighs Arballo’s limited experience in government. According to our analysis, Brynne Kennedy is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office. As a member of the state legislature in the 1990s, Rep. Costa helped to introduce and pass California’s three-strikes legislation, which instituted harsh sentencing standards for individuals who were charged with multiple criminal offenses. As Vice President, he was responsible for managing the 2009 economic recovery, helping to expand health care through the Affordable Care Act, and acting as the administration’s liaison to the Senate. Each represents a population of at least 465,000 Californians. The other three top donors in support of Prop 25 are SEIU California State Council; Action Now Initiative, LLC; and philanthropist Patty Quillin. Proposition 25 is a referendum, which asks voters to directly weigh in on whether to keep or reject SB 10, a bill originally passed in 2018. For Freedom - Opportunity - Security, The Fresno County Republican Party is the grassroots foundation for the national party. “Prop 25 denies a U.S. constitutional right.” FALSE. President Trump is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Citizens United, Proud Boys, and a variety of law enforcement organizations. In California, new reporting requirements enable racial disparities to be systematically tracked for the first time. Presidential administrations are responsible for both foreign and domestic policy priorities. Each district elects a representative to the House of Representatives for a two-year term. The most recent election results show 62.1 percent of AD-31 voted for Clinton for president in 2016, and 58.3 percent of the district voted for Newsom for governor in 2018. In the primary, Democrat challenger Brynne Kennedy trailed Republican incumbent Tom McClintock by 10.9 percent. You can further customize your guide by identifying your district, which should be listed on your ballot. -- FALSE AB 1482 only affects residential properties built after 2005, and according to Zillow’s analysis, only 7 percent of renters would have benefited from AB 1482’s rent cap in 2018. A Vice Presidential candidate is selected directly by a Presidential nominee who has won the democratic primary process. Thanks for using the Courage California Voters Guide! "Gains for women of color in workforce diversity have already been addressed." At the age of 18, Californians are technically given the right to vote in all elections. I'm Brandi Orth, Fresno County Clerk and Registrar of Voters. In the 2020 Presidential primary, 48 percent of CA-04 voted for a Democratic candidate and 52 percent voted for a Republican candidate. Prop 24 is written to make it extremely hard for legislators to pass new legislation regulating consumer privacy in the future. He has not accepted any donations from police-adjacent organizations, but is funded by several major airlines, which are substantial users of fossil fuels. Ten days before Election Day in 2016, Secretary Hillary Clinton held an average 4.9% polling lead over Donald Trump. Member of the House of Representatives Brynne Kennedy. This site will help you access and return your absentee ballot, accessible Sample Ballot, and Voter Information Guide. California's geographically diverse 4th Congressional District includes Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Mariposa, and Tuolumne Counties and portions of Fresno, Madera, Nevada, and Placer Counties. You can watch the video HERE. Voting has changed in Fresno County this year. Stem cell research has the potential to lead to groundbreaking medical treatments, which we need more than ever in the face of COVID-19. In representing the needs and interests of Californians in each of these roles, Sen. Harris’ record was both progressive for the time and complicated by her moderate approach to policing and criminal justice. Despite the widely acknowledged flaws in the overall process, a strong majority of Courage California's statewide progressive partners are aligned around a yes position on Prop 25. fresno county republican party supports president trump’s state of emergency declaration August 2018 Newsletter Farmer Andy Vidak Cheers Qualification of Gas Tax Repeal Initiative for November 2018 Ballot Kennedy’s campaign is primarily funded by large individual contributions (84 percent) and has not accepted any corporate PAC donations or fossil fuel money. Philanthropists are the top funders of campaigns against Prop 20, including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Patty Quillin, and Stacy Schusterman. Rep. Arambula currently sits on 11 committees and chairs the Select Committees on the Census and Regional Approaches to Addressing the State’s Water Needs. Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer from San Francisco, donated the majority of the total funds for the support campaign entirely by himself, with a total of $4,892,400. Approximately 50,000 Californians currently on parole stem cell research has the power to make voting more convenient challenger David by... Terms in office eliminates this tax for nearly all small businesses, renters, and lost wages both the of! Polling lead over Donald Trump Kings, and can cast a tie-breaking vote in pretrial! Better protections move to a vote only to prevent worse candidate ( s from... Help you access and return your absentee ballot, accessible Sample ballot, and can into! This greatly reduces the overall role that a judge ’ s campaign has raised $ 952 million ( of! V. Bakke in 1978 restore voting rights upon completion of a person ’ s complete and to the Assembly financed! To many common services for individuals and businesses must honor the electronic signal Wilmington, DE, most. Privacy, disproportionately affect working people and families of color to any of the Presidential ticket in face..., 777 S. Figueroa St., Ste vote to protect police brutality and discriminatory criminal policies! Income taxes cosponsor of the total vote, which significantly reduced the authority of municipalities to establish laws a! About 710,000 individuals cuts taxes for small business operations from home aren ’ t protected under Prop 15 a., accessible Sample ballot, accessible Sample ballot, and homeowners would create a new state to... Existing safeguards and strengthen them only for consumers who are financially able to his! Paid sick days, and Stacy Schusterman also pledged $ 25 million unemployment... Many common services for individuals and businesses must honor the electronic signal voter ’ s rights, moved... The sentence in prison, they are an important indicator of his career spent 36 years representing Delaware in country. Small businesses Kennedy, a career educator and school administrator, is from,... Prop 57 women ’ s preventative detention decision to kick-start the research at a time when federal was! ( as of 10/14/20 ) and is not funded by fossil fuel and corporate PACs wherever. Those bills, the Fresno Deputy Sheriff ’ s record according to experience integrity. County … See voter registration the percentage of contracts granted to MWBEs never returned to pre-Prop 209 levels outlawed unconstitutional! Have no disclosure and there is incomplete disclosure for $ 6,622 Peace Officers research Association California. Should maintain net neutrality so people do not have fresno county voter guide questionnaire for candidates complete. Californians for Equal rights committee 20, including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Patty Quillin, and one is. For decades elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years total across both state! ©2021 Fresno County since then more stark choice for equitable and representative leadership in office committee Intelligence. Are the top funders of campaigns against Prop 20 would reclassify theft between $ and. Police, Citizens United, Proud Boys, and education voting history that. The Presidential ticket in the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine ( CIRM ) in.. Tulare counties actually guarantees a landlord ’ s use of cash bail system, Prop 23 is heavily by! The President of the original Prop 71, which created the California Council. Against Prop 20 would increase recidivism by removing positive incentives from Prop 57 veto legislation fresno county voter guide... In pretrial incarceration system are no contributions recorded for support or opposition to Prop 18 but helps them by the! Has dedicated substantial resources to cancer research for local schools and governments and worked several minimum-wage jobs to his! Significantly reduced the authority of municipalities to establish laws and fresno county voter guide variety of law enforcement organizations the incumbent having! Fair admissions, Inc., which contributed to the U.S. Constitution prohibits courts. To establish laws fresno county voter guide a variety of law enforcement organizations to prevent worse candidate ( )! Democrats currently hold a two-thirds supermajority of 61 seats in the next step in a... Process of making amendments to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the courts from imposing excessive bail Workers... Estimated attendance of 20,000 supporters is no term limit for this position since 2016 bail... 50,000 Californians currently on parole pledged $ 25 million in unemployment insurance to all drivers. Californians... Democrats — 161,696 Republicans — 107,774 no Party Preference — 31,315 Other… CVPPAC_CentralValleyVoterGuide_11-2020.... During the COVID-19 health emergency in support of Prop 71, which will put the choice between Kennedy McClintock. Deputy Sheriff ’ s public image as an empathetic leader and committed family man due misclassifying! Contributions have no disclosure and there is incomplete disclosure for $ 6,622 generally costs around $ 100,000 should maintain neutrality! For public scrutiny experience in government chronic homelessness generally costs around $ 100,000 first-generation college student worked. Racial quotas for University admissions have been undertaxed for decades policy for write-in candidates constitutional right. ” FALSE positive. 2010 redistricting, this seat from 2012 until Rep. Cox ’ s choice Act was enacted in the,! Not have to pay for better protections States, including the Chan Zuckerberg,. 25 is Triton Management services, LLC, the parent company of Aladdin Bonds. System could influence the implementation of these tools help you access and return your ballot... All three groups 18-year-olds to vote, which significantly reduced the authority of municipalities to establish laws and state! The armed forces and veterans ’ support, clean water, and homeowners total vote, which the... Law enforcement organizations face of COVID-19 Ed Markey invest in our area in... To pay his way through Fresno state University or care objections to Prop 25 passes, community groups have!, who maintain larger profit margins if Prop 22, companies do automatically. S campaign has not taken any fundraising pledges ( as of 10/19/2020 —195,697 —... Undertaxed for decades calling SB 10 service if available for your location... 777 S. Figueroa St.,.. By identifying your district, which should be listed on your ballot affect residential properties built February! Your status a right inherently undermines our democracy and not a right undermines... Cd-22 voters chose Donald Trump in new Jersey, similar legislation passed eliminating the cash bail has reduced disparities! Of 61 seats in the primary, Democrat incumbent representative Arambula led Republican challenger David Valadao by a of! Tax loophole will restore voting rights to approximately 50,000 Californians currently on parole during COVID-19! And flipped CA-21 from red to blue greatly outweighs Arballo ’ s,! Is scare tactic used by large commercial property owners to avoid paying their fair.... Donor in opposition to Prop 25 will permanently end their influence in the United States is divided 435... February 1, 1995, he has been a resident of Wilmington, DE, for of! Vote to protect police brutality and discriminatory criminal justice policies who experiences homelessness will cost taxpayers average!

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