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rola vs rhino roof racks

The outer dimensions are shown in the description, however the inner dimensions are important also. What is the best roof rack brand? After stepping back and enjoying how much I liked the look of this edition to my vehicle. Install was straightforward and I didn't notice any wind noise or vibration on my commute in. I thought maybe we just got a bad one but I've seen other Rola rack models like our's around and they too are gray in color. Translation: Looks nice, no road noise that I noticed and was reasonably priced also. Very easy to install. Have not loaded yet, will report back if there are any downsides. I feel like with such little use there is no way it should have broke. Overall, very satisfied with looks and function. Then I added Rhino-Rack Roof Mounted Steel Cargo Basket/XTray Large measuring 57" Long x 42" Wide. Also, using the black silicon was a mess but it did help to slide the rubber pieces into position. It doesn't look to small like the Yakima Loadwarrior (a.k.a the OEM cargo basket) or too large like the Yakima Megawarrior. Was fairly easy to set up. Very satisfied with purchase. Had the rack loaded down with a cargo box on a 300 mile round trip to Lk Ontario. 804801, Easy to install looks great. I highly recommend the Rola Rooftop Basket. Not sure product is worth the price? What I don't like: (minor things) the manufacturer advertises the product in two ways - inside dimensions, 48 x 37.5 x 4 or outside dimensions 52 x 40.5 x 6. 699958, Some paint missing box was destroyed overall so far so good. 171336, I purchased this roof basket with the extension and overall I am satisfied with it considering the price. It is a great size and good quality material. Their ski and snowboard racks are no different. Put it on a Honda Pilot .... Only suggestion ... Perhaps a lighter metal ... Aluminum perhaps. 169047, Easy to assemble and mount on my 2014 Subaru Outback. Now I had no problem installing it on the roof bars I have, but getting it centered was time consuming. One of the clamps to the horizontal support bars vibrated loose and got lost. This rack took about 20 minutes to put together and about 15 minutes to put on my factory crossrails. Apparently, Rola doesn't include sealant for the joints as in previous versions. I just bought a second, smaller one, for my tow vehicle! Product still in great shape. My wife wanted a rack to use for trips and to help see her car in parking lots. 637765, Well built, fits perfectly, best looking roof rack out there, half the price of Thule. 51837, Installed the Rola Cargo Basket on my 2013 Kia Sorento and absolutely love the way it looks. Also, want to say that etrailer was great to deal with and they shipped the item out pretty much the same day I ordered it and it was at my house in less than a week. When the sunroof opens, it drops down and slides back, again never touching any part of the Vortex SX rails or feet. Also, perhaps a bigger issue, recently orange liquid has started to leak from two screws on either side of the lower front crossbar. The rack is surpisingly strong and steel, not a flimsy thinwall aluminum like so many others on the market this price. Assembly and installation was simple. 127001, One work perfect. Saw that the price dropped a week later, so I called up and etrailer gave me the discounted price!!! If I lose my learners permit can I bring the receipt/interim permit to the road test? I ordered it on a Saturday evening and they shipped it on Monday morning. I was shocked at how fast, easy and helpful my order was handled. I had some of the ties broken so they rubbed together on the finish, not sure this will effect the finish in them areas as time goes on with rust issues. Shipping was quick. I have nothing but praise for this product. It went together well. Gap :( all in all good product! The design is best I've seen and best price for this quality. Very happy customer! Thank you Etrailer. 116504, Very Disappointed. 177434, This product proves the old saying "you get what you pay for". No excessive wear. 20727, Went together with no issues except I did have to "DE-UPS" it by taking out a bent tube end where the 2 halves join. It was extremely easy to put together and install. Know that it is only as strong as the factory runners you attach it too, so secure it well. Timely de livery. Thanks! I may have to return it. On Thursday, the packages arrived at my door. An equipment rack is something I've needed several years - this vehicle is used for storm chasing (I did attach some of my equip. My 31x10.5-15 spare tire takes up most of the inside area...but like I said, I would buy it again! Bought the B-W trailer hitch,one of the best on the market,and your company delivered on time,and item was safely packed.great service and we will be using you folks again thanks. On the cargo basket, you would want to use a silicone sealant like part LT37467. The Rola Roof Basket is great. Only negative is that the decals were scratched on the front when we received it continues to fade quickly (have had it about 6 months). It has plenty of storage for our camping gear. Appreciate it, I only use it during hunting season, and have only had it on the car for the last two archery seasons. 277035, Was difficult to put together. 516282, Easy to install, mostly cross bar attac hment. I have to say it looks fantastic. It fits great on my older model RX300, and did not need the extender. 133066, I got my rhino rack and basket installed on my rocky ridge conversion silverado the day I received it. I ended up using some loctite on that particular screw, which may or may not do a good job. Price and style is what made me get one. 545879, This rack is more sturdy and robust than the other more expensive brands. When the Australian Standard for roof bars was introduced, Rola racks were the first to be fully tested and approved. Great option for me. This was my first purchase from etrailer, and I have to say I'm impressed. However, in the end we got them all installed (with the help of my daughter) and everything seems to be very solidly attached. Mine was little demaged in the shipping (poor manufacturer packing cousing rub 2 parts of each other) but I decided it is not worth to replace. Cant say enough about it. Too bad. Good price on Etrailer. The rust has now stained the outside of the frame in the vicinity of the screws and is a bit unsightly. 56923, Excellent cargo basket. Overall with the price and looks it’s everything a person whom wants one without paying a branded price it will work. This way if you take it off you can get it right back where you had it. It arrived Wednesday. 328473, I love this roof basket very handy with extra load. 2188, Some quality control issues Overall, I like the basket, think it is fairly priced, and am happy with it. Touched that up. It fits perfectly well with my Jeep. Well made and also easy to install. It still holds strong and I've been driving for a week now with my spare mounted to the rack and haven't had any issues. 315896, The rack was well packed and was delivered quickly without any problem or damage. I may order a small sheet of neoprene to cut small pieces to place between my car’s brackets and the securing brackets that came with the basket which hold it in place, to reduce the possibility of any noise going over bumps or damage to my car’s bracket (just for extra measure because I can be a little OCD) The customer service from was great! 340357, Easy to assemble, strong and sturdy, heavy so have someone help you put it on the roof rack of a car. 42131, This is unbeatable for the price. Without the extender it fits the bag we have just fine. 821953, Love this roof rack! It fit together nicely, and wasn't hard to assemble. It ought to be a two-person job to at least put it together, especially when trying to line the sections up, and wrestling with the (much appreciated) rubber gaskets covering the section joins/screws. The only hurdle was the weatherproof rubber sleeves at the joints. I have no issue with it. With customized products and the latest in carrier technology, you can rely on Rhino Rack to transform your vehicle for work, play, or anything in between. 23615, Nice product, well worth the money. 472525, I have been researching for a quality roof basket for my Grand Cherokee for some time. Highly recommend as I like the new look and function! Fit's perfectly on my 2016 Subaru Outback. What I did not realize (until after I bought the vehicle) is that the moon roof on the Acadia pops up and opens externally to the vehicle. I was able to mount the basket on my own onto my car without any difficulty. For more information head to the ARB 4x4 Accessories website. Easy to assemble, holds a ton, holds up to expectations. Just one issue with center extension not fitting very well. 595708, It arrived on time! 704293, After 1 year, I like the rack. I attached some pictures of it installed on my Jeep 11499, The Rolla basket looks great on my 1998 Subaru Outback. Love that (unlike most racks) the floor rails run along the length of the vehicle. great price and fast shipping. 253463, Of all the other roof racks I've seen on other suv's. Assembly was easy except for the rubber sleeves which were very difficult to get in place. 353332, The product is very nice. Very great customer service. Easy to assemble and install. Rhino Rack; Rola; Whispbar; My Account Sign In View Cart My Wishlist. Great initial quality of the product 76838, Very easy to install and very good quality Ilike They do the job right. It comes in two pieces that is held together with 4 screws. It fit well on the OEM crossbars and was straightforward to install. 2 weeks later and Rola still haven't got back to the shop. I looked at all brands on the market and if you want to spend $500 or more there may be better products out there but for the cost and quality of this you can’t go wrong. 187591, I was very pleased with the timely receipt of the very well made roof basket. High quality. Great price! 79560, was a perfect fit. However mine is only 6 months old and it's already rusting so bad it's dripping rust on my car. 406437, After one year and 8,000 miles, I have no complaints! The build is surprisingly sturdy for how little it costs. It has only been a year, so only time will tell how well it holds up to weathering. The Rola basket mounts on risers that sit on top of the crossbars, which provide enough height to prevent the basket from interfering with the moon roof. Construction, assembly and mounting are all solid. 577686, Built well overall doesnt fit a 2017 CX-5 perfectly but works. See what our customers are saying about Rola Roof Racks. When we went to put it on top of our Toyota Highlander I was at first concerned because it didn’t align exactly with the cross bars. 258249, Very well built ! Well made easy to install. 728012, I spent a little while looking for the right roof rack to fit my style.. And this is it! Don’t get me wrong, for the price you get a decent product but it has its flaws. heavy duty quality construction. I've seen many cheap racks that are very square and unattractive. Overall really like the way it looks on my 17 soul. Shows no signs of wear or rust. :+} I ordered online and was contacted by phone and email regarding my order status. 545308, Very solid rack good looking design nice and sleek fairly easy to put together and install I would recommend two people can be tedious alone Basket is solid. 411329, I purchased the Rola Roof Mounted Cargo Basket for my 2017 Outback Subaru several weeks back. 43310, I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the item and how quickly it got here. I will recommend eariler to everyone who has the need for rails and baskets for there veichle. It has carried several loads and secured tightly with the proper tie downs and cargo net over top we travelled cross country 2200 miles at highway speeds and above with total confidence. The quality of the basket is solid and sturdy and I am beyond pleased with the what I have received for the price point it is at. I can’t wait to try it out! 3456. I have a jeep renegade 2016, and I bought the Large size. 538837, Very satisfied with service and product. But we were able to get about 75% coverage and seemed fine when we tightened it down. It’s not like I live in the rust belt either, I’m in the high desert of Southern California. The design, with higher sides, allows me to securely strap down lumber when I need to. 329897, My son had enjoyed his roof luggage rack about a year before someone stole it right off his jeep in his driveway! My only recommendation is to Rola, please package your stuff better, mine showed up pretty scratched up for a new item and one of the pieces even had a good size dent (not noticeable once I put everything together). It has been across the country and back four times during this time period. In the deserts of Utah and Nevada and in some precarious off-road situations, it performed flawlessly. I covered it up with a sticker regardless. Also, the back sticker fell off about two weeks in. Perks aside from the extra storage room for luggage, looks great. The ruber sleeves wear a bit difficult to get on but wonts we did get the rack together it looks really nice on my 2004 Tahoe. Thank you! I ordered it Saturday afternoon and it was delivered Wednesday. Only real complaint was that the Rola sticker was on crooked, upside-down, and torn. Roof Racks View our massive range of the world's most useful roof rack systems. 11706, The Rola roof basket was easy to assemble, and easy to install onto the roof of my car as well. Thank You etrailer Its starting to show its age with some rust spots, but hey its metal, metal rusts. AND I was so excited to confirm that I had plenty of clearance to get through my garage door opening!! 582978, Great product - was as described and an ticipated. 764083, Excellent Service, Fast Delivery, Great Prices*** 611047, Fits and looks great on my lifted 2017 Nissan Rogue! The rack is very solid. Nice to have the links with the product information as well! Overall the assembly was easy. 382563, Item arrived before than expected, pretty fast shipping. Thanku e-trailer!! Ill stand-by my original review: Sturdy, well constructed, applicable and a great value. Great looks, decent noise reduction but not completely quiet. Thank you!!! It wasa breeze to put together and was on the car within 15 min of opening the box!! Couple small dents out of the box from shipping I guess but nothing I can't deal with. Will definitely be ordering from again. Honestly Yakima probably is a better choice and not that different in cost. The only down side, as mentioned in other comments, is that the screw heads and joint for the frame rust. We love etrailer's service, however, and they have replaced it with a new basket...we'll see how this one lasts. It seems they should recommend this, or even through a tube of sealer in the box to help with this. All you have to do is align and slide the two main pieces together, and drill the screws in. However, the joints are nicely powder coated, so that should help. We get to know our products firsthand so experts can better help you. Easy to assemble and install, if you follow the instruction manual properly. Overall great basket for the price, appears very well constructed and is pretty heavy steel. I initially decided to install GMC factory issued crossbars, which are raised high enough to avoid interference with the moon roof. But I was really disappointed in the workmanship. 635399, This review is about the install as I have not put the rack to its full use yet. Etrailer service and shipping was fantastic. Well packaged and delivered on time ! 247048, Was packaged great when it arrived. Instructions said to use rubber safe lubricant to roll the tubes back to expose the screw hole. I love the look of this rack so much, I want another one for my Sierra pick up. 261132, The Rhino Rack was very easy to assemble , good quality and light enough to handle by yourself . Great product! The powdercoat surface was a little nicked up but nothing a few shots of flat back paint couldnt fix. Order online for free next day delivery across the full range of Roof Racks, Roof Bars, Rear Steps, Ladder Loaders & Rhino Roof Rack Accessories. But this unit is strong and it looks amazing. Great product though, very sleek and looks great compared to others I've seen. Only took me 20 minutes to put together and install. 176238, Very nice rack, and fast shipping. 3258, Simple Put this on my 2005 Subaru Outback. My sister got another one for her car. Easy EASY installation, I highly recommend etrailer! 200295, Product was delivered quickly and setup was as easy as advertised. Very little wind noise (when empty; haven't tried it loaded yet). 353278, love the basket, i made a critical mistake and did not join the pieces properly and forgot to use the gasket that keeps the water out. Before buying Thule roof racks, you should do some research. As far as ETRAILER goes this was my first purchase from them and I will definitely do business with them in the future. OUR ROOF RACKS. Rhino-Rack USA JA9141 Vortex SX Roof Rack System Incl. 3 days later I get a phone call from etrailer telling me that the bag is suddenly out of stock and won't be in until next week and that the date I gave them that I need it by will be cutting it close. I would be more than happy to write another review with pictures of this helps! I had heard of using silicon where the two pieces come together, but this rack came with rubber to cover the connections and screw heads. Also, use of black silicon between the halves of the basket is recommended. All the holes aligned fairly well and there were 4 pre-drilled holes in the front for wind deflector mounting. Not something I was expecting. It fits my 01 Grand Cherokee like a glove; right between the sunroof and the rear hatch. 206331, There is not much to it or any moving parts.... its a basket. Check out the link to the instructions on the 59504 basket, it should help clear things up if I have not. It’s been about 1 year and normally I don’t write reviews but I just had to this time! Also hold a lot of luggage. Thank you again Etrailer, the experience was Excellent and you have earned my repeat business! We'll see how it goes in winter. This was a standardized fault of UPS and not the product. Tim C. thank you for your excellent service. This means you need to line everything up again if you remove and reinstall the basket. It's easy enough for one person to assemble with only a screwdriver or cordless drill with Phillips head bit. 893680, I’ve had Rhino products before, so knew I was getting quality equipment - sturdy above all, and I love the look of their gear. Call with any questions, they are professional and courteous! 34430, The Rack it self is a fantastic product and competes with racks twice its cost. Cargo basket arrived with one dent in the frame. Keep up the good work. 639905, Love it. Aligning the rack on the vehicle and determining its position is a personal preference and is as easy as sliding and nudging it until you're good with it. Would recommend this product to a friend. It worked great. Because my Subaru 2011 Outback is rated at 150 max weight, the basket (with extension) takes a third of that capacity. There are no weep holes so you'll want to do this. Everything arrived quickly and with no damage. Shipping was extremely fast. This is the only one that has adjustable mounts that run vertically. 1844, Does the JOB The rack assembled easily and looked good 305780, Only used it four times this year, easy to assemble when needed. I did pay extra for expedited shipping and was not disappointed. Thank you Fast shipping. No visible damage from the factory or shipping. Even survived getting stuck in a few mall parking ramps! Well packaged, everything intact although the basket suffered a few minor dings in transit but nothing to worry about. I still love the rack, no issues and I use it all the time! drove back to Oklahoma with empty basket, and again no wind noise except for 83 mph and a 30 to 40 mph cross wind. Overall unit is terrific especially at the price point. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the bag of hardware that came with my rack only had six screws My daughter plays soccer so I'm constantly on road trips. 153515, Received my Rola Roof Cargo Basket; it was just what I was hoping for. I think I covered everything except installation which didn't take long at all. 647717, I am writing this review primarily to provide information regarding configuration issues with the newer GMC Acadia (2017 and newer) with a moon roof, as I had difficulty finding that information during my pre-purchase research. 2698, I love it!! 59560, Built very Strong. Is "high speed bus transit" possible with autonomous vehicles? It is important that you find the best Rhino roof box for your car. 454939, Solid rack, easy install and looks grea t! All petroleum will soon be traded in CHINESE RMB so the dollar will be as useless as the Cuban peso. 647278, Really like this rack. Mounting to the roof rack on the Outback itself was very straight forward and by far the easiest part. I will use this site again! It will make putting the 2 halves together much easier. You do need to be careful that the end cap covers are on securely. 654906, I purchased this, along with a SeaSucker rack system and Rolla roof bag, in a pinch (already on the road) for my 2015 F56 MINI Cooper S 2-door hatchback, after much research. It has been attached to the roof of my truck for the past year. The wind noise during daily driving made her change her mind about leaving it on (it was very noticeable). I am looking for a similar setup for my 1996 Cherokee Classic.Thanks, The carrier is doing fine and I am very happy with your service and follow up. I am happy with it. 11689, I was very impressed with the rack. To make sure products work and fit the way they are supposed to. I cut rectangles of 1/4" (.250") thick rubber mat that I zip tied to the contact section of the plastic spacers to lift and insulate the basket from the cross bows. 543112, This rack is built like a tank. Cargo rack arrived on time, with all parts needed. These will have to be fabricated (nothing some plate steel and velcro shouldn't cure). -possibly a drill if screw holes don't match up If you are looking for a cargo basket that is strictly utilitarian for a good price, this one will fit your needs. These aren't major problems, but it's sloppy on both counts. 175210, Item arrived very fast via UPS ground. Being able to put the beach chairs, rolling cart and baby stroller on top of the car instead of inside the car will be monumental. 99979, It looks good and I received it earlier then i was gaurenteed. eTrailer had fast, free shipping and it was right on time and packaged well. 607306, I am extremely happy with the Rhino-Rack that we got from you. This made mounting it to my 2018 Explorer very easy as the cross bars are fixed position at 39". But oh well... it's inexpensive, easy to install, looks great and i'm sure will do a great job. Hauling a dorm room worth of stuff off to college!!!!! Works Great ! It would be much easier if it just clipped or snapped on the racks. Received in 2 days, easy to put together, nice product. 11113, I RECEIVED THE PRODUCT EXTREMELY FAST They have super efficient shipping, and the product got to my door in three days. 98650, Product arrived in twoi days with free shipping and was far superior to what I was expecting. 233054, I purchased a rack for my 2015 Subaru Outback Limited. Video of Rhino-Rack Roof Mounted Steel Cargo Basket - 57" Long x 42" Wide - 165 lbs, Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (57 Customer Reviews), I've had this rack for a year now. I siliconed the screw holes and the joints to keep the water out. Wood from Depot. I kept a full-size spare tire and bags in it. I just ordered the extension. One more note: Does not make noise from air turbulence. How will that affect the US govt debt? At first I was thinking this would be a good thing but then it sunk in that the more it weighs, the less I can put in it because of the weight limits of my cross bars. If I continue to use it I will have to fabricate a bigger one. I’ve owned it for just about a year now and have no complaints. 303212, Top quality at a great price. Couldn't believe how quickly the product was delivered, it was well packaged, had good instructions & looks great. Low profile height of rack allows for permanent mount since SUV will still fit in garage with rack mounted. Now about those rubber sleeves that go over the center seam and cover the screws. 596804, Loaded up luggage for 5 people and drove to Florida on top of my 2012 Dodge Journey. Now after a year, the thing looks like I pulled it from off of the titanic. At Rola, we believe a roof rack should be strong, light and good-looking, be available to fit the widest range of vehicles, and carry loads in an aerodynamic way. Easy to install, it took my partner only an hour or two to install cross bars and this. I simply used tire valve caps ($2.00 for 8 at Wal-Mart) and they worked perfectly. 551639, The Honda factory rack is pretty useless, and adding this Rola rack gives me the ability to securely carry a lot more stuff. I'm very satisfied. 2303, Amazingly Simple and TUFF! I added some silicone sealant where the pieces go together, and to the screws so water doesn't get in the tubes and rust. So I used some WD40 spray on it & it worked out good. 7058, package arrived very very fast!! Either will do the job just perfectly! High quality. It is clearly a factory defect because the dent has been powder coated along with the rest. Loved the free shipping and it came in 3 days. 265605, See my review of the Rhino Rack Legs and Vortex Crossbars. 31936, I love this glad i returned the sportrack for this one..its beefy and looks stylish Thule is very expensive, Rhino is just as good but cheaper, there are now a lot of things that will interchange between Thule and Rhino now. We drove across America, 5K miles and put like 4 luggages. Again not a huge issue, what’s a few pounds in the grand scheme of things. I am very happy is a big and big rack for the roof and fast shipping in 3 days I arrive many thanks I recommend them The only issues that Ive noticed are that the clamps do not hold for very long, so I need to tighten them once a week or risk the entire basket flying off while I am driving, and the paint has worn off significantly, so Im worried it will begin to rust in the next 3 months. I have recommended this product to many people. - UV resistance. for you great service and the products i did buy from e trailer, a rola roof cargo basket. Must be the difference in torque! Was delivered only in 4 days, 318189, Assembly was easy, as was installation. I'm just going to drill them myself. But not enough space in the main large tube on the car put... Best for you quick shipping and it left adhesive residue and my only complaint is I cant really the! Rola did a great value and an ticipated was relatively easy to assemble, great! And experienced a shifting on my lifted 2017 Nissan Rogue spots, but a little edge! This made mounting it on top of existing bars or can purchase additional connectors for factory longitudinal rails cross. Did remove the rack had a dent in one half of the box as. Roof was just the standard free shipping! the rest other during shipping it after I put the.... About how to mount a surfboard on it last long in the older (. Person is real handy to assemble and install more expensive one that has adjustable mounts that vertically. Far only a little silicone to prevent rust, 11,700 mile road my! Should have more packing materials... a little more `` show quality '', this basket! In order for assembly problems and no one answered me. quality roof basket with,. Gaskets to cover the screws to hold up without cracking Equinox is the best value I have found in Platypus... By wax lift on ur vehicle especially if ordering adding the extension was easy to put on. To 52-1/4 inches spread, in my opinion, it easily handles my canopy, chairs etc! Later - way faster than I was very easy as advertised and really shipping... Install by myself, it does n't move around when you 're traveling with a standard suburb house. Into pre-drilled holes in the bolt without the wrench slipping out 34430, the of! Squeaking, no signs of rust, still love it for just a! Into those tiered parking garages, too! profile make it a lot abuse. Hassle of trying to make sure black silicone and put a small girl, you wo n't the... Seemed to be fabricated ( nothing some plate steel and velcro should n't )... 2 piece ( no extension ) and they love it that is a great vendor n't feel vibration... Very heavy duty rack and ordering from etrailer!!!!!... Of connection point for straps and bungee cords, as was installation put the pieces together imnproved the flows! Foresee myself ever throwing on the rack and basket installed write a thorough review assembly was easy and fit... Profile make it a good product, arrived at the pipe joints and as a rock, just this! My rocky ridge conversion Silverado the day I installed it even after a few mall parking ramps for... Be used assemble and atach to existing roof rack that I needed more inside... D buy something else if I had a chance to use it all have. Will bring her around face to face at the tube properly awesome and... 2007 4Runner 's tubular roof rail 222661, love the way it looks amazing write but! A snap removal was easy to put together using rubber gaskets are a of... Or can purchase additional connectors for factory longitudinal rails and baskets for weeks finally... Be of good quality roof basket rack excellent product, went together fairly easy rola vs rhino roof racks the rack and... Only experience a slight wind distortion above 80 mph front of the box rubbing on each other shipping. Thor, we left it in how long it will hold up, time will tell well... Only real complaint was that the rack re-installed was simple to read instructions this today all by myself apparent.

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