The Most Powerful Form of Content Marketing Is to Give Value

Somi Arian and Film Crew at Savile Row

Content marketing should be seen as an opportunity for the brand to give value and have a dialogue with its customer.

Many brands, business owners and marketers spend tens, hundreds and millions of dollars on straight advertising focused on the product.

For the past year of working on my documentary about Luxury Brands and Millennials, the biggest lesson I learnt is that product-led marketing is the most expensive and often, least rewarding form of marketing.

If instead of talking about the features and benefits of a product, you create enough value for the market through sharing useful information and/or through entertainment, you often don’t even have to ask, people come to you!

It takes more effort and care, but it is far more powerful and often more cost-effective.

The way to achieve this is by focusing on “The Why” of the brand rather than the product at hand and the latest releases. If every time that you are about to create or commission content for marketing purposes, you go back to “The Why” and the brand’s philosophy that will always keep you on the right path.

This is not just the case with B2C marketing. It also applies to a B2B environment. I believe in doing what I preach. So I put my money where my mouth is. Let me share with you how I’ve done this for my own business.

After launching Smart Cookie Media in 2015, I decided to focus on the luxury market as my niche. I didn’t know anybody in that space, and as Grant Cardone says, obscurity is the salesperson’s enemy. So I put a map of London’s Mayfair on the side of my desk and I made it my mission to bring as much value as I possibly could to the businesses in this area.

I asked myself how I could create value for this market? So I read and listened to everything I could find about them. I followed the brands’ social media accounts and carefully audited and watched their content. I finally deciphered their pain. I figured that majority of the most amazing luxury brands faced a challenge in engaging the younger generation. Some more than others, but it was a recurring theme in all my studies. Millennials are different and generally much more difficult than the previous generations to market to.

Millennials are different because of the way in which their lives are impacted by technology. And this has created a shift in attention in the society which impacts the market in general and the luxury market in particular. Historically, nothing else had ever affected the dynamics of the market so fundamentally, not even world wars.

Now that I knew their pain, I had to find a way to help and create value for them. So I began reaching out to the brands, as well as to highly successful Blogger, Vloggers, Social Media Influencers and Entrepreneurs. I conducted tens of hours of interviews and I’m not even finished yet.

Every single interview took me anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to secure. My team and I have gone from corner to corner of the country. I even went all the way to New York, just for a half hour interview with Gary Vaynerchuk! That’s dedication!

I did all of this to create a powerful documentary to shed light on the millennial mindset and to help solve a problem for a market that I passionately care about.

The mindset of creating value is what allowed me to sit in front of the CEOs and Heads of Marketing of some the world’s biggest and most aspirational brands.

Now, even before the documentary is completed, several brands have asked us to help them with a robust marketing strategy for 2018, so that they can attract a younger audience. I didn’t have a big budget but I had a clear vision and I genuinely cared about my market. So I put blood, sweat and passion into it.

This is just one example of how powerful it is to adopt a mindset of creating value. Now, think about how many amazing ways you can do that for your audience! Possibilities are endless. Check out my video on the difference between traditional advertising and modern content marketing.

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