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COVID19 and the Future of Business, Economy, and Democracy

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown coincides with a time in history when human biology and technology are starting to merge – an accelerating trend that began with the advent of computers followed by the digital revolution of the past few decades. Whether...

Personal Story

How I learnt to constantly reinvent myself through Transition Architecture

People say, “hardship makes you resilient”!ship could also break you, I went to the verge of being completely broken and hit rock bottom several times in life. A skill that helped massively in getting through these difficult times was having the ability to successfully...


The Role of Educational Systems in Preparing Our Young For Disruptive Technologies

As a tech-philosopher, I’m often asked whether I think the educational institutions are doing enough to help the younger generations develop the right skills for living and working in the age of disruptive technologies. My answer to that is that we first need to define what we...


Mindfulness In The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Let me start this article by sharing a shocking revelation that I recently discovered about Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. I was researching for my upcoming book on the future of work, when I came across a passage in, “Life 3.0”, by professor Max Tegmark of MIT. He describes a...

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