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COVID19 and the Future of Business, Economy, and Democracy

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting global lockdown coincides with a time in history when human biology and technology are starting to merge – an accelerating trend that began with the advent of computers followed by the digital revolution of the past few decades. Whether...

Personal Story

How I learnt to constantly reinvent myself through Transition Architecture

People say, “hardship makes you resilient”!ship could also break you, I went to the verge of being completely broken and hit rock bottom several times in life. A skill that helped massively in getting through these difficult times was having the ability to successfully...


Mindfulness In The Age of Artificial Intelligence

Let me start this article by sharing a shocking revelation that I recently discovered about Larry Page, the co-founder of Google. I was researching for my upcoming book on the future of work, when I came across a passage in, “Life 3.0”, by professor Max Tegmark of MIT. He describes a...

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