Women in Business & Technology

As human biology and technology merge, business, economy, and society face unprecedented challenges. The majority of jobs that are being impacted are those traditionally occupied by women. At Arian Think Tank, we explore the impact of technology on women throughout the past, the present, and in preparation for the future. Women have the potential to change the course of human history in the 21st century – they equally risk falling ever more behind.

Defining humanity is the challenge of this century

Thanks to Machine Learning, humans are giving way to new and superior intelligence – many will be left behind in this transition.

Why should we care?

Our baby algorithms are growing fast and becoming more sophisticated, soon to surpass us. However, there are two essential problems in the economic model built upon machine learning. 1- Lack of clarity regarding intellectual property and data ownership 2- Disregard for the time and effort that goes into producing the data that feeds our algorithms.

Those of us who write the algorithms cannot claim ownership over them since they rely on trillions of pieces of data to feed them. Without all this data our machines cannot learn and so as humans we are all the parents and guardians of these algorithms. Our data is like oil, no one person can claim ownership over it. Our technology will surpass us but our legacy shall remain and must be cherished.

human evolution and technological advancements

Women In Technology

To this date, the world of technology has been mostly dominated by some of the most ingenious men ever lived. While we have achieved much, our society has lost balance between logic and emotion, form and formlessness, right brain and left brain, yin and yang, the dionysian and apollonian. You can think of it in any metaphor that works for you. The imbalance is tangible.

As we enter a new age of technical integration with intelligent machines, we risk carrying our biases and this lack of balance into the new era. It’s time to bring back the balance by giving women a voice in the world of technology and allowing them to infuse it with empathy and understanding. Arian ThinkTank aims to explore frameworks and solutions to empower women in the world of technology and lead a smoother transition into this brave new world.