Preparing for Disruptive Technologies

We live in an age of technological disruptions. Every single industry is being affected by the introduction of Artificial Intelligence on some level. In the past, technical knowledge and skills were prioritised in most industries. With machine learning increasingly disrupting many of the technical tasks we now need to bring back four crucial human skills into our workplace culture to overcome the challenges of automation and artificial intelligence.

This workshop is designed to prepare your team to deal with the challenges of fast paced technolgiecal advancements such as AI and autimation. This workshop is broken down into two parts which can be delivered in the morning and afternoon.  

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Leadership In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
  • The implications of AI for your future workforce
  • Predicting the tasks that will be disrupted by automation   
  • New roles that you should be creating within your company for effective human and machine collaboration and integration
  • How to reskill your team members
  • The four essential skills that your team need to have in order to prepare for the new roles 
Cultivating Four Crucial Skills To Help You Survive and Thrive In The Modern Workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Contextual Creativity
  • Mindfulness  
Leadership In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence
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Workshop 2 – How To Successfully Recruit & Retain Millennials

Building A Millennial-Friendly Company Culture

Millennials are often attracted to the influencer culture and entrepreneurship. If you understand what makes those cultures attractive to them, you will be able to create a culture of “intrapreneurship” within your company. 

  • The difference between the three dominant work cultures of our time:
    • Corporate Culture
    • Startup Culture
    • Influencer Culture
  • Defining your company’s “WHY” and making your team feel a part of it.
  • Diverse, Inclusion, and Flexibility

Attracting Top Millennial Talent To Your Brand

Here, we will discuss how to elevate your brand perception and communicate your company culture with the new generation of the workforce. We will cover:

  • Building your company leaders’ personal brand on social media in a dignified way
  • Making the application process digital-first, super easy, and user-friendly
  • Getting to the bottom of your applicant’s true intention – is this a job, a career, or a calling?
  • If they have or want to have a side hustle, having an open conversation about it to decide if this is for you
  • Hiring well, but not getting too attached
  • Communicating what they will learn and achieve beyond compensation for their time and effort. 

Workshop 3 –  Addressing The Intergenerational Differences

The modern workforce is multi-generational and diverse. This brings with it the potential of highly positive company culture, but it can also lead to great challenges in interpersonal communications. This two-part workshop aims to increase empathy and understanding between the different generations and diverse groups in your team. Part one is designed for management, and part two is for the team members.

For Management: In this part of the workshop, we will help team leaders gain a better understanding of the millennial mindset and appreciate how technology, social media, and other factors influence their social behaviour. Here is a list of ten factors that we will discuss:

  • Abundance of Choice
  • Speed of Change
  • The Influencer Culture
  • Diversity
  • Career & Education
  • Environmental Factors
  • Economic Conditions
  • Experience/Access vs Ownership
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Entertainment

For Team Members: Based on our in-depth research on millennials and how they consume media, we have created a unique format which uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to young people. The scenarios cover common challenges in workplace interpersonal relationships. 

  • Cultivating Integrity
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Initiative & Responsibility 
  • Active Engagement
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