• Preparing the Workforce for the Age of Artificial Intelligence by developing (Human) Skills
  • Recruiting and Retaining Millennials and Gen Z
  • Defining Purpose in the Age of Technology
  • Thought Leadership and Employer Branding
  • Intergenerational Differences in the Workplace
  • Using Technology to Drive Diversity and Inclusivity
Somi Arian - future of work
  • The Millennial Mindset: What Drives Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Native Generation
  • Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Marketing
  • Building Brand Perception In The Digital Age
  • The Role of Purpose in the Future of Marketing
  • Why We Need Women in the Top Tier of Business
  • Women: Present, Past and Future
  • How Technology is the Key to Elevate Women’s Socioeconomic Status
  • The Gender Data Gap
Somi’s Documentary, “The Millennial Disruption” was referred to as “disruptive in its very approach” on BBC5 Live, and features industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar Land Rover, Daniel Priestley, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.
Somi Arian
Somi Arian

”Somi’s session was really insightful and covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. All in all though a great session, and we would definitely have her back.”

Shaun Acres, Conference Producer, Haymarket Media Group

”Overall great content, nice that she has a book to pair with it. We are grateful that we were able to make this work given such short notice.”

Monika Philp, Director of Tech Leadership Development, AIM Institute

”Somi is a great speaker – engaging, energetic, insightful, and fun! During her webinar for the ASMALLWORLD Community on “The Influencer Culture and Modern Workforce”, Somi combined practical advice with humor, and our members responded with 5-star ratings across the board.”

Caterina Ghedin, Events Manager, ASMALLWORLD

”Very few people are able to beat the quality of content and quality of production that Somi does.”

India Nott-Bower, Marketing Administrator, The Recruitment Events Co.

Somi is a real pleasure to work with. The effort that she put into her content really showed. The talk was extremely engaging and insightful; I thoroughly liked the fact that a good mix of theory and actionable tips and tricks were presented. We had great feedback from our clients who attended and I hope to work with Somi again in the future.”

Perri Robinson, Meltwater Media Intelligence

“Somi spoke about how best to empower millennial employees, by giving them autonomy and space to innovate. It resounded well with our audience of senior female technologists, in our firm, fully delegating the responsibility to accomplish the task is how we do business.”

Hilary Strong, Morgan Stanley

Somi had a lot of interesting and thought-provoking things to say – both in regards to tech disruption and human response. We loved having her there to broaden the conversation about CX on the panel as well.

Shammah Banerjee, Chief Disruptor Live

Somi delivered great value to a panel we hosted on the influencer marketing space and was great at communicating her thoughts to a wide-ranging audience in a manner that everyone could understand key points.

Patrick Lindon, Open Influence

Somi’s keynote on the Millennial Disruption had a very high score regarding her knowledge of content, presentation ability, and audience participation. Her talk met the audience’s high expectations and professional interests. .”

Flaminia Angelucci, Conference & delegate manager, Richmond Italy

“We have received some wonderful feedback, thank you for contributing to the success of this year’s event. Your session was greatly appreciated and truly valuable for those in attendance”

Amy Griffin, Senior Conference Producer, American Lawyer Media LLC (LegalWeek)

  • Morgan Stanley
  • AdWeek
  • ABTA Tokyo with Global Radio
  • Vanity Fair and Tatler at Vogue House
  • Chief Disruptor Live
  • Legal Week
  • Senior Management of companies such as BBC, Marie Claire, The Economist, Financial Times, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Virgin Atlantic, Amazon, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank, and many others.
  • All in for Women in Tech
  • Cambridge University
Somi Arian

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