Think Tank - FAQs

Q: Who is behind the Think Tank? 

A: The Think Tank was initiated by Somi Arian. You can check out Somi’s full profile on LinkedIn

Q: Who else is contributing to the Think Tank? 

A: We are building a strong network of professionals who are interested in seeing women progress in the socio-economic landscape. Some of the contributors at our first conference include senior executives from Google, BT, Marie Claire, Morgan Stanley, as well as consultants, coaches and medical and technology professionals with years of experience in working with women.

Q: How does the Think Tank work? 

A: We have monthly Zoom conferences with a panel of experts in the areas that we have identified as posing challenges to women. These areas are Biological, Cultural, Educational, Economic, Political, Legal, Psychological, Corporate, Technological, and Data gap. During these sessions, we will discuss solutions, and what it takes to overcome the above. Most problems require investment in research and education to innovate and come up with new products and services to improve women’s lives. The community that we are building will become the foundation of these innovations through an accompanying platform that we are currently building.

Q: How did you identify me as someone who could be interested in the Think Tank? 

A: Somi and her team run a marketing agency called Smart Cookie Media, which specialises in working with Thought Leaders. As a LinkedIn Top Voice, in the UK, Somi is a LinkedIn expert and she has given many talks on the importance of knowing your audience and understanding what matters to them. She applies her knowledge and skills to identify the right audience for a given cause. Once we create an ideal audience list through LinkedIn, our team of Smart Cookies sift through the web to find the best way to reach out to them. We are building a large community of people who want to help solve women’s challenges. Having that critical mass is crucial because our power to create change is in the numbers. Imagine when we have ten million people who each donate $1 to create a research grant to find a better way of dealing with menopause or PMS. When we all come together, we can create jobs and even new industries, grants, and investment, and female-led market place that is fair and open and generates value. 

Q: Can I join the panel at one of the upcoming conferences?

A: We would love to give as many people as possible the opportunity to be heard. We have a conference each month, and we could have up to ten people on the panel. You can submit a proposal to be a speaker under one of the categories, that is Biological, Cultural, Educational, Economic, Political, Legal, Psychological, Corporate, Technological, and Data gap. We are receiving a huge amount of interest from professionals who want to be on the panel, and we will do our best to feature as many people as possible. 

Q: Will I get paid for being on the panel? 

A: We don’t offer a speaker fee as this is a completely self-funded movement by Somi and her team, but we will give as much exposure as possible to the panellists. As a LinkedIn Top Voice in the UK, Somi has over 75K followers on LinkedIn alone and she will be sure to tag the panellists in her posts around the conferences. Also, you will benefit from getting to know other attendees. As of this writing on 25th of August 2020, we have 2500 registrations. We are getting almost over 100 registrations per day and the speed is increasing. So, you can rest assured that you are gaining worthwhile exposure that will benefit your career while contributing to an important cause that aims to improve the lives of many women. 

Q: What next? How is this going to improve women’s lives?

A: This movement has two parts. Part one is the think tank and part two is a platform for female innovation. Here is how it works:

  • The Think Tank, where every month we get together to:
  • Identify the problems 
  • Call for innovations that will address those issues
  • Vote and reach a consensus on which causes need to be prioritised 
  • Set short term and long term goals

Femtalent, a membership platform that will provide the following opportunities:

  • For top female talent to build a profile to showcase their abilities through a short video pitch and easy to follow CV
  • For top female consultants, and speakers to share their expertise through an audiovisual pitch
  • For up and coming female talent to express interest in internship and entry opportunities
  • For members to provide training to other members with the specific needs of women in mind. 
  • For employers to identify top female talent in all area to hire
  • For entrepreneurs to seek investment from other members with the aim to remove the barrier of entry for women to invest, help more women gain investment, build innovations around causes that really matter and create the most impact for good for women. 
  • For members to generate grants for the future education of women in all areas, such as underprivileged young women, and programs that will help women with mental health challenges or gaining new skills during maternity leave.  
  • For members to have a peer to peer marketplace where they can sell products that help improve women’s lives. 

Q: Are there any fees involved in joining the Think Tank? 

A: No! The Think Tank and the conferences are completely free to join.