Femtalent Overview

As part of the Women in Business and Technology initiative, Somi Arian and her team are building a platform called FemTalent to make it easier for women to provide the following opportunities:

  • For top female talent to build a profile to showcase their abilities 
  • For top female consultants to share their expertise through an audiovisual pitch
  • For up and coming female talent to express interest in internship and entry opportunities
  • For leading female educators to provide training in the technical and leadership skills to other women, with the specific needs of women in mind.
  • For employers to identify top female talent in all areas to hire
  • For members to generate grants for the future education of women in all areas, such as underprivileged young women, and programs that will help women with mental health challenges or gaining new skills during maternity leave.
  • For female entrepreneurs to seek investment and build innovation around causes that really matter and create the most impact for good for women
  • For members to consider investing and remove the barrier of entry for women to invest
online teaching

Training and Education

The above gives you a general overview of where we are going with this movement, starting with the Think Tank where we discuss ideas and explore issues that need to be addressed to the FemTalemt platform where we put those ideas to practice.

This page focuses on the education aspect where we develop courses specifically designed for women. Ideally, we encourage all courses to incorporate elements of technology into their content. For example, how can technology be used to improve our mental and physical wellbeing, and can your course inspire women to innovate and invent new industries of the future? Courses should be designed with the goal of helping women elevate their socioeconomic progress in society and enjoy a more fulfilling experience.

The Process

Our team at Smart Cookie Media will help you develop your course’s content.

  • We will then invite you to our London studio and record your course
  • We will edit your course and prepare it in the right format
  • We will promote your course and your profile to our audience
  • You will receive a royalty as your course is streamed by our users 

This removes the hassle and the cost of having to design, film, edit and market your own course and it will also give you exposure to our growing audience and raise your profile as you get discovered by women who are interested in business, leadership and technology.

Why count on us?

Our founder, Somi Arian, is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and industry leader who works with thought-leaders to build their profiles. Somi and the rest of our team will make sure that you are presented in the best possible way on camera and that your courses are accessible, interesting and relatable. Somi is a master communicator and producer/director and was chosen as a LinkedIn-Top-Voice in the UK for the strength of her content.

We will make you look good and promote your profile, all we ask is that you bring your knowledge and personality to the table to help other women succeed in their careers in business and technology.

With a view to the above, we are currently seeking women who can design and teach courses to other women in the following areas:

Course Subjects

  • Any STEM subject
  • Financial literacy, investment, entrepreneurship
  • Plumbing, construction, electrical work, carpentry, and DIY
  • Basic legal education for day to day life and running a micro business
  • Psychology and mental health and self-development
  • Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Contextual Creativity, and Mindfulness
  • Exercise, nutrition, and physical health-related to working women


As we will outlay the initial cost of creating and promoting your course, your course will be exclusive to the FemtTalent platform and will have to be approved by our team to ensure it meets the criteria for helping women succeed in business and technology. However, we will provide you with up to three short clips of under a minute that you can use on social media for your own promotion.

How to become a FemTalent instructor?

Please fill in the following form to let us know about your interest. Please note that at present we are unable to cover travel costs which is why we are starting with instructors who are based in London or travel to London frequently, this will change over the coming months as we expand our team and the initiative grows. We will then be able to film instructors in other major cities around the globe starting with NYC as our next stop. 


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